Explore Your Major

Choosing the college that's right for you is tough, and picking a major can be equally challenging. A combination of campus resources, supportive peers, and knowledgeable faculty members will help you find balance in your life and become an accomplished student at UM.

UM produces some of the nation's brightest students. Here you'll find your academic balance. Yes, you will learn from lectures and textbooks, but also through real experiences like internships and service learning.

The University of Montana is also a national leader in providing students the opportunity to conduct major research during their undergraduate education. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting edge research in your field of study at a world-class institution.

Theoretical and practical. Globally focused and community based. Challenging and rewarding. Not many universities can offer programs as extensive and diverse…we do.

Regardless of how you choose to find your balance, you will be supported and engaged by some of the world’s best faculty and programs.