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The University of Montana Admissions Home

Student Activities

No matter your interests, whether you enjoy intramural sports, protecting the environment, mountain biking, student government, etc., you will find a community of students to share experiences with outside of class. Use the links below to learn more about your opportunities to engage with other students and the UM community:

Student Groups

Get involved! The Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) represents all students at both the UM-Mountain and Missoula College campuses. With more than 150 student clubs and organizations recognized by ASUM, you will find a group of individuals with common interests and backgrounds. Find a list of student groups here, or find out how to start your own student group here.

University Center Student Involvement Network

Have you ever found yourself asking any of these questions: What is leadership? How can I get involved on campus? Am I sensitive to cultural issues? If so, you’re not alone. University Center Student Involvement Network strives to provide a fun outlet for students to not only ask these questions but to find their answers.

Campus and Outdoor Recreation

If you like sports or being outside, then you will find plenty of opportunities to recreate both on- and off-campus. Check out our Recreation page for more information.

Fraternity and Sorority Involvement

Fraternity and Sorority Involvement offers students a unique opportunity to lead a balanced college life with a focus on academics, brotherhood/sisterhood, community service, leadership and responsible social interaction. Being a member of a fraternity/sorority allows students to make meaningful and lasting friendships with individuals who share similar ideals and common purposes.



Campus Ministries

Exploring or continuing spiritual development helps many students thrive and grow at the University of Montana.  The University of Montana recognizes and partners with a number of campus ministries.

The Association of Campus Ministries.