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Living and Eating

Students choose to live in University housing for a variety of reasons. The CONVENIENCE of living on campus includes easy access to classes, having your meals cooked for you, and no need to commute. Students also enjoy the sense of COMMUNITY. You have countless opportunities to engage your peers in both social and learning activities within your residence hall. UM Dining works closely with the Residence Life Office to provide exciting, healthy, and fresh dining options for students to share meals together. Friendships made while living and eating on campus will last a lifetime!


The Residence Life Office provides safe, clean, healthy, and affordable living and learning facilities for students, staff, faculty, and guests.  We provide services in these facilities in a way that supports and nurtures each person’s experience at the University of Montana. Whether you are an incoming freshman, a transfer student, an international student, married with dependents, from far away or just down the road, we can help you find a suitable living environment. Find out more about the various housing options below.

Residence Halls (On-campus housing for freshman through seniors)

Choose from nine on-campus Residence Halls:

Compare Residence Halls on the Building Features Matrix

All traditional-aged (under the age of 21) incoming freshman are required to live on campus in one of the nine residence halls. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Residence Life Office directly at (406) 243-2611 for more information about appealing the freshman on-campus residency requirement.

Convenient! No need to worry about multiple bills; Your room and board includes:

  • Meal Plan
  • Use of Laundry Facilities
  • All Utilities
  • Internet
  • Cable T.V.

Community! Living in University housing allows students to engage with their peers in community. Each residence hall has a Resident Assistant (R.A.) who is a current student, usually an upperclassman, that is charged with building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the individuals in the floor. Your R.A. is also there as a peer mentor, assisting students with the transition to college life.

Residence Hall Guidelines, Policies, & Procedures

Lewis and Clark Villages (Off-campus housing for single students with 60+ credits)

Lewis and Clark Villages is a non-smoking facility primarily designated for single students without dependents at the University of Montana who will have accumulated at least 60 credits hours by the time they move in to the apartments. All residents of the Lewis and Clark Village must be a currently enrolled student taking a minimum of 7 credits per semester with a minimum of 16 credits per year.

If a tenant does not have a roommate preference, the Residence Life Office will assign roommates based on like gender, and as space allows will attempt to take into consideration other preferences such as age, smoking, alcohol consumption, and length of agreement.

Each Lewis and Clark apartment has a Village Assistant (V.A.). The V.A. works in all phases of resident living with the Village Supervisor responsible for the village. To serve as a liaison between the University administration and the residents of the village; to foster an atmosphere for student learning, social, cultural, and emotional growth in the village by serving as an advisor/counselor to the residents; and to assist the Village Supervisor in promoting the general well-being, community living in the village.

University Villages (Off-campus housing primarily for married and/or students with dependents)

University Villages is primarily for married students, married students with dependent children, single parents with dependent children, and single students with disabilities who require a live-in personal care attendant. Single graduate students may be assigned apartments if qualified applicants do not fill the vacancies. University Villages is comprised of 574 apartments in three different housing communities. Approximately 1,500 students, spouses, and children reside in University Villages, all in very close proximity to each other. The University Villages are conveniently located on the South Campus of the University of Montana.

The Villages are within close walking distance of the main campus, and are a just a short drive or bus ride (or a reasonable walk) to Missoula College.  The University of Montana’s Park N Ride student bus system stops at the corner of Arthur and Maurice, and also in front of Toole Village.  These buses service both the main UM campus and Missoula College.  Mountain Line, Missoula’s public transportation system, has two designated bus stops within University Villages.

The Community Center is equipped with a computer lab, kitchen, large meeting room, BBQ area with patio, and is completely accessible. University Villages residents may rent the Community Center at a cost of $15/hr for private tenant gatherings, children’s birthday parties, etc.


Food is the universal language of comfort and love, and our menus demonstrate our commitment to cultural diversity and ethnic cuisine.  In concert with our campus academic mission, we at UM Dining are world food educators and we encourage our guests to expand their culinary horizons by enjoying the international cuisine offered daily on our menus. Our 19 international dining awards demonstrate our commitment to providing delicious, well-balanced meals and excellent service.

Meal Plans

Students living in the on-campus residence halls select a meal plan at the time they apply for housing. Three meal plans are offered by UM Dining to those living in the residence halls. Each plan has its distinct benefits.

Find out more about the meal plans to see which one best suits your needs:

Missoula College

All of the University of Montana campus meal plans are fully operational for Missoula College students to use in the East Campus,  West Campus and anywhere meal plans are accepted!

East Campus Cafeteria and Hunter Dining Room: This cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch. Stop by between class to grab a snack or sit down with friends in the commons area and enjoy a plate prepared by our Food Service Management students. With culinary creations always on the menu, this cafeteria does not disappoint!

West Campus: For our Industrial Technology students, the West Campus of Missoula College offers breakfast and lunch. Meal plans work here as well for students that need a pick-me up between Plasma Welding and Robotic Welding class!

Nutrition Counseling

UM Dining provides nutritional counseling free of charge to students with a meal plan and at a reduce rate to those students without a meal plan. Our Registered Dietician can help you if you have any concerns or questions about food allergies, wellness, eating disorders, dietary restrictions, or medical conditions (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, etc.).

Bear Hugs (Gift Packages)

Everyone needs a hug from time to time, that’s why UM Dining created Bear Hugs! This is an easy and thoughtful way for you to send your student, professor, friend, or co-worker a personally prepared care package for any occasion.


The University of Montana invites you to use a service reserved exclusively for UM students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus guests. As a member of one of these select groups, University Catering Services welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs.

Farm to College

The UM Farm to College Program highlights UM’s dedication to our local agricultural economies while providing fresh, healthful food to the campus community. UM Dining purchases $500,000+ annually in local food. Since its inception, the UM Farm to College Program has surpassed the $3.7 million milepost. Through this program, UM plays a greater role in supporting Montana’s economy, strengthening local communities and helping to preserve Montana’s natural and agricultural heritage. We also seek to reduce our environmental impact by lessening the physical distance that our food travels.

Family Favorites

UDS welcomes parents/family members to submit recipes for main dishes, vegan and vegetarian dishes, soups, stews, casseroles, desserts, or whatever your student loves the most.  Many of these recipes are so popular we add them to our regular menu.

Last year, the Food Zoo served Family Favorite recipes from California to Brazil. Family Favorite Days bring in students, faculty, and staff from all over campus each fall and spring. Recipes are carefully adjusted by our production manager and chefs to serve more than 500 students while retaining that special family feeling.