Missoula College Placement Scores

Placement tests in writing and/or math are required if the following criteria are not met:


  • A score of 22 on the ACT Math section
  • or a score of 27.5 on the SAT Math section (520 for tests prior to March 2016)
  • or transferring acceptable Math college credit


  • a score of 19 on the new ACT Writing Test Subscore (score of 7 on old scale of 2-12)
  • or a score of 25 on the SAT Writing Section (440 for tests prior to March 2016)
  • or a score of 18 on the ACT Combined English/Writing section
  • or MUSWA 3.5 or above
  • or COMPASS E-Write 7 or above
  • or transferring acceptable English college credit

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