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The University of Montana Admissions Home

Alternative Admission

Conditional Admission

The University of Montana, as part of the Montana University System, adheres to the Admission Policy established by the Montana Board of Regents. Students who do not meet the admission standards or those who meet the standards but have low test scores or a low grade point average are encouraged to apply for admission. Applicants will be referred to the Admissions Committee to determine if they can be admitted on a “Conditional Status.” Students accepted conditionally must complete 24 credits and earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 within three semesters in order to continue studies on the main UM campus. If you are not accepted to UM-Missoula, you may be offered full admission to the Missoula College.

Traditional-Aged Freshmen with a GED

First-time college students who are not yet 21 and have earned a GED must submit an application and the fee (preferably online), and request GED scores sent to the Admissions Office. Traditional-aged students must take the ACT or SAT test.

Non-traditional Students with a High School Diploma or GED and No College Credits

Non-traditional-aged applicants (21 years or older and did not enter college for a period of at least three years from the date of high school graduation) must submit a complete application with payment (preferably online) and request high school transcripts or GED scores be sent to Enrollment Services-Admissions.

Non-traditional freshman students will be admitted conditionally if test scores are not posted on the high school transcript or if a student has never taken the ACT or SAT or if the high school grade point average is less than 2.5.

Home School Student Requirements

  • In addition to a completed application, please submit a written statement of curriculum including all courses that you have completed at the high school level. If you have completed a pre-packaged program and receive transcripts, then the transcripts are required.
  • Submit a letter of verification from the instructor(s). This can be a parent or an outside teacher that states they did instruct you.
  • If you are unable to produce a four year curriculum and/or the official verification letter from the instructor, then you will be required to take the General Education Development Test (GED)
  • You must take the ACT or SAT exam. Official scores of at least 22 on the ACT composite or a combined score of 1540 on the SAT is required.
  • Math and Writing Proficiency requirements must be met to be admitted to the University of Montana. This is determined by the student’s standardized test scores of the ACT or SAT.
    • Math Proficiency Requirements
      • A score of 22 on the ACT Math section
      • or a score of 520 on the SAT Math section;
      • or a score of 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB or BC exam
      • or completion of a Rigorous High School Core that includes four years of math with grades of C or higher.
      • or a score of 4 on the International Baccalaureate calculus exam
    • Writing Proficiency Requirements
      • A score of 18 on the ACT Combined English/Writing section
      • or a score of 7 on the ACT Writing Test Subscore;
      • or a score of 440 on the SAT Writing Section;
      • or a score of 7 on the SAT Essay Subscore;
      • or a score of 3.5 on the Montana University System Writing Assessment
      • or a score of 3 on the AP English Language or English Literature exam
      • or a score of 50 on the CLEP Subject Exam in Composition
      • or a score of 4 on the International Baccalaureate Language AI Exam
  • The Montana University System requires that you complete the following College Preparatory Program:
    • Four years of English.
    • Three years of math, including Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Students are encouraged to take a math class their senior year of high school.
    • Three years of social studies, including one year of global studies, one year of American history and one year of government or another third-year course (i.e., economics, psychology, sociology).
    • Two years of laboratory science. One must be earth science, biology, chemistry or physics. The second year may be one of those sciences or another approved college preparatory laboratory science.
    • Two years chosen from the following: foreign language (preferably two years), computer science, visual and performing arts, or vocational education.
  • If you are applying under the age of seventeen, your file will automatically be selected to go to a review committee. This committee evaluates if a students is academically and emotionally prepared for college.