Transfer Credits

To find out how courses transfer to the University of Montana, please see the UM's Transfer Guide. The contents of this guide are subject to change at any time and course equivalencies are contingent upon the academic program and the general education requirements of the University of Montana. If a course or institution is not listed, it does not necessarily mean the course will not transfer, rather the information is not yet in our database.

All college-level credits earned at regionally accredited colleges or universities will be considered for transfer. Enrollment Services-Admissions determines whether or not courses are college level, the appropriate grading and credit conversion, and the applicability of transfer credit toward UM's general education requirements. Courses which do not have an equivalent at UM will be accepted as elective credit. Credits from remedial or technical courses or from non-accredited schools are not accepted for transfer.

Class Standing

A student’s class standing is determined by the total number of transfer credits awarded by the UM, not by years of college study or by the completion of an associate degree.

Class Awarded Credits Needed
Freshman 0 – 29 semester credits
Sophomore 30 – 59 semester credits
Junior 60 – 89 semester credits
Senior 90+ semester credits

Satisfying UM graduation requirements depends not only on the number of credits completed, a minimum of 120 for most programs, but also on completing all general education and major requirements.