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Campus Visit 11/16/2012

These are real stories from our campus visitors. Take a look at their experience and submit your own after you’ve visited campus!

Visitor: Chris from California

Please describe the most unique/best part of your campus visit experience.

visited the health and science department. Interested in majoring in Phys Therapy so it was important to see that department. Also sat on the stoop with students and asked off-the-cuff questions. Visited the housing and town area which I fell in love with. The shear beauty of nature that UofM sits on is exciting and bought lots of Grizzly momentos! I hope to be attending in fall 2013!

Please share any tips, suggestions, or recommendations for future visitors to do/see on campus? In Missoula? In Montana?

Make sure they see the town because that is where they will spend their weekends when they are off campus.